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Shanti's Heart Sanctuary is named after Shanti, one of Meredith's first rescued goats.  Shanti was rescued in 2013 from a neglect situation with her mom, Lakshmi.  Both Shanti and Lakshmi had a non-curable condition called CAE.  Lakshmi passed away a year after rescue but Shanti was a fighter and stayed relatively healthy with the help of holisitic medicine, veterinary care, and a whole lot of love until her passing in June of 2018.  Shanti is the inspiration behind Shanti's Heart Sanctuary.  Shanti's Heart Sanctuary is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization in the state of Washington.



Meredith Wetherell

Founder, Executive Director

Board President

Meredith has always had a love of animals and was best friends with her kitties and dog growing up.   As an empath and with sensitivities toward the experience of animals, Meredith quit eating large animals at the age of 12, later becoming a vegetarian, and then a vegan.  Meredith has been an advocate for animal welfare for 20 years and first volunteered at a farm sanctuary in 2009, thus igniting her dream of starting one herself.  Meredith rescued her first goats, Shanti and Lakshmi, in 2013, and started Shanti's Heart Sanctuary in July 2019.  In addition to sanctuary work, Meredith enjoys hiking, swimming, nature, painting, and spirtual practice.  Meredith works full time as a special education teacher.


Kira Graves

Board Secretary

Originally from Michigan, Kira grew up in a family full of cats and dogs, many of whom she brought home as strays herself.  In college, Kira volunteered walking dogs at the Humane Society while minoring in Nonprofit Administration at Eastern Michigan University.  After graduating in 2012, Kira moved to Seattle where she discovered veganism and served on the board of a horse and donkey rescue outside the city.  Kira believes that to serve others, especially innocent souls, is to serve oneself.  Some of her dearest human connections have been by meeting like-minded people while volunteering, and that is how she came to work at Shanti's Heart Sanctuary.

A career nanny by trade, Kira is passionate about providing loving, patient care for animals and children alike.  In her spare time, Kira enjoys going on adventures with her dog, Bear, who she brought home in 2019 after volunteering for a month in Costa Rica.


Melanie Sears

Board Treasurer

Hi, I'm Melanie!  After being involved with sanctuary work, animal rescue, and activism for almost 20 years, in early 2021 I purchased land in northwest Ohio with the intention of providing sanctuary to factory farmed animals.  I currently am an orphan wildlife and kitten foster mom, and also share space with my dog, cats, chickens, hamster, snake, and fish.  In the past, I have also served as a board member for Equine Aid Horse and Donkey rescue and have also worked as a caretaker (staff and volunteer) for a handful of sanctuaries around the country.  I currently work as the Creative Arts Specialist for Bittersweet Farms, an nonprofit organization that serves adults on the autism spectrum.  I am also a graduate student, on track to receiving my Masters in Special Education and BCBA.  I love all types of creating, herbalism, mysticism, mushroom hunting, Dolly Parton, gardening, sasquatches, and building a sustainable and self sufficient life.

Jackson Pryor

Sanctuary Caretaker

My name is Jackson.  I am passionate about all aspects of life.  I love cooking vegan cuisine, woodworking, creating art, building structures out of upcycled materials, and caring for farm animals.  I grew up on a property on Vashon Island where my love of the outdoors really started.  I am playful, fun, creative, and joyful!

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