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Former residents: Forever in our  hearts:

   Shanti and LakshmiShanti and Lakshmi were rescued in 2013, long before Shanti’s Heart Sanctuary became a non-profit.  Both beautiful alpine does, they  lived next door to Shanti’s Heart founder, Meredith.  Unfortunately Shanti and her mom, Lakshmi were both neglected and frequently tied up.  After caring for Shanti and Lakshmi for a year from the other side of the fence, Meredith approached the neighbor and requested that they be re-homed or sent to a rescue.  The elderly neighbor gave them up right away and they began their lives with Meredith.  Shanti and Lakshmi both had an incurable disease called CAE.  Lakshmi lived for an additional year before passing and Shanti lived until 2018.  Lakshmi was sweet and reserved and Shanti was silly and outgoing.

Llama Llama:  

Llama Llama lived with Shanti and some other rescued goats for several months after his companion alpaca passed away.  Llama Llama moved from Whidbey Island to Shelton in 2019 and stayed with his goat friends until he passed in 2020. Llama Lllama was an original resident at the beginning of Shanti’s Heart Sanctuary as a non-profit rescue sanctuary.

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