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Current Residents: Goats

Emily Sunshine:  Emily Sunshine was adopted from a local rescue in 2014 when Lakshmi passed away.  Goats are herd animals and they are very sad without companions.  When Lakshmi passed, Meredith went to a local goat rescue to get Emily Sunshine and Simon right away to keep Shanti company.  Emily Sunshine is still quite afraid of humans though she has made a lot of progress.  Initially found running down a rural highway in NW Washington state, she does not like to be handled but will tolerate it when needed.  She is a total sweetheart and gladly accepts treats without hesitation.  Emily Sunshine is about 11 years old. Emily Sunshine is a Saanen. 


Simon:  Simon was adopted with Emily Sunshine from a local rescue in 2014.  He was only 6 months old and was born at the rescue.  Since Shanti had a spunky personality, Meredith thought that it would be good for her to have a young companion.  At the time of adoption, Simon’s mom, Sassy, was adopted out to another family.  Simon is now 8 years old and is a Lamancha/Boer cross.

Sherley and Jack:  Sherley and Jack are two Nubians who were born at a dairy  farm on Whidbey Island. Since they were boys, the dairy farmer had no need for them.  They were very sweet boys though so she did not want to send them to slaughter.  However after looking for a home for almost a year, the owner decided to send them to slaughter.  The dairy farmer approached Meredith, who at the time was unsure whether or not it was a good fit.  Meredith did not want to see the sweet babies killed though.  While in the ICU with her own dying mother, Meredith looked at the pictures of the boys and decided she would take them.  She named Sherley after her mom, Sherley, who passed shortly thereafter and Jack after her mom’s beloved dog, Jack.  Sherley and Jack are now 6 years old.

Sassy:  After Meredith’s mom passed away, she noticed that Sassy, Simon’s mom, had been returned to the rescue where Simon and Emily had been adopted from.  Meredith thought is was important to reunite her with her son, Simon.  Sassy is a Boer.  She is 15 years old.  Her tummy is extended still from a life time of breeding.  We almost lost Sassy in 2019 but she has stayed spunky and sassy with the help of medication and a special diet.  She is the elder of the herd.


Rosalee:  Rosalee was bonded with Sassy when they were brought to the rescue.  Rosalee is a sweet Lamancha.  She is 8-12 years old.  She loves to rub her head on people and eat treats.

Pali:  Shanti’s Heart Sanctuary was contacted in 2020 about a stray goat being held at animal services in Kent, WA.  He was about to be sent to auction as the animal shelter is not set up for goats.  Meredith and her partner, Jackson, drove up to Kent and picked up Pali.  That day, a mobile vet came to neuter, assess, and treat Pali.  After a quarantine period, Pali was introduced to the herd.  Pali is an estimeated 3-6 years old.  He is a Nigerian Dwarf.


JT:  JT was brought to Shanti’s Heart Sanctuary in 2020 by a hoof trimmer who trimmed hooves for the sanctuary residents.  JT was very spunky and super skiddish.  He was infested with lice and afraid of humans.  We were told that he had been a “pet” that was often chased by young children.  Like Pali, JT is also a Nigerian Dwarf.  Jt is between 3-6 years old.

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